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February 6, 2015

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week for us – we’ve just received a large shipment with a whole slew of new fish and shrimps. Some of the new fish from last week are just hitting our list now and you can expect a whole lot more next week as well. 

Having P. gertrudae is not unusual for us, but a rare treat has just arrived - Pseudomugil gertrudae "Aru IV Gertrudae Rainbow". This fascinating little fish reaches between 1.25 and 1.5 inches. P. gertrudae is typically a yellow fish with black scale rims as well as a somewhat bolder black stripe along their midline. The Aru IV form, however, has a brilliant yellow belly and silvery blue body. Their fins are translucent yellow to white and patterned with intricate black dots. Their upturned pectorals and ventral fins are tipped in bright yellow, as are the tips of their caudal fin lobes. The first dorsal and anal fins have filamentous extensions. The Aru IV Gertrudae's gill plates show slight pink coloration and their eyes are a brilliant, shining blue. This is an easily sexed species, with females sporting much shorter fins and somewhat yellower bodies. In nature, P. gertrudae is found in wide varieties of water conditions with localities measuring pH values between 4 and 9 and hardness from negligible to 300 ppm. These fish are, therefore, highly adaptable given proper acclimation.

Pseudomugil gertrudae Aru IV
Pseudomugil cf. paskai “Irian Red Neon Rainbow” is one of the most stunning little blue eyes I’ve seen and is finally back in stock. This fish is very similar to P. gertrudae in body shape, patterning and size. Their typical length is about an inch, though they sometimes grow slightly larger. A gorgeous fiery red body is accented with a brilliant blue stripe along their dorsal edge, bright blue eyes and fine dark scale outlines. Their fins are spotted with black over bright red and make for a stunning breeding display. Females have shorter fins and a lighter coloration, though they are still a beautiful pumpkin orange. As with other Pseudomugil species, this is a peaceful fish with a tiny mouth – fine food is required and very boisterous species such as danios should not be included in an aquarium with these fish as they are likely to outcompete the little blue eyes for food. P. cf. paskai prefers neutral water conditions with low to moderate hardness.

Pseudomugil cF paskai1
Now, to say we’ve gotten a few new species this week is an understatement. Amongst them are several fascinating Gobies, including Schismatogobius ampluvinculus “Tiger Goby” or “Dwarf Dragon Goby”. With a one inch maximum size, these fish are known for changing their coloration to blend with their surroundings. They can be slightly territorial to each other, so be sure to provide plenty of hiding places. Keep these guys in neutral to slightly alkaline water in cooler temperatures between 64-75°F. With such cool water preferences, these adorable little guys are highly recommended for housing with dwarf shrimps (including all our new Neocaridina shrimps hitting the list this evening) and cool water schoolers such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows and various Danios. Feed these little fellows a variety of small-sized frozen, live and prepared meaty foods.

Schismatogobius ampluvinculus

Don’t forget – our Cherry sale goes on for another week! I’m looking forward to another special newsletter next week as well. Thanks for reading!

Jessica Supalla